Change-o-meter: Another Online Tool To Measure Obama’s Promises

The “Yes We Might” meme seems to have infected another online host. has rolled out an irreverent and  informative daily roundup of the amount of progress Obama made in changing Washington called the Change-O-Meter.


As you can see, this slightly ironic take on the Obameter idea is a typical Slate offering, and nothing like the idea suggested by yours truly to build a collaborative online platform for activism around Obama’s agenda. However, Slate’s offering actually has arguably more accountability than the Obameter, in the form of a chat that explains the criteria for the daily rating. Also, the witty roundup of political news from a critical perspective is more likely to gain an audience than the dry presentation of promises by the Obameter.

I’ll give the Slate guys an A for doing well for what they were trying to do, but it’s still not the full hover car.

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