About the Authors

Max Berger


Max is a pretty normal dude, who has replaced his childhood obsessiveness with baseball statistics with a seemingly more mature obsession with national politics. He has twice had a mohawk, but each time it has ended badly: once because he looked like Deniro in Taxi Driver, and the other time because he was in the West Bank. He’d like to say that he’s a hipster, but he actually likes hipsters – which immediately disqualifies him. Everyone knows the sign of a hipster is vehement repudiation of their hipsterdom. He is a senior at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and is interested in the future of online political communications.

He worked on Meetup in Burlington, Vermont for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign and was an Internet Director for a congressional race in 2006. He has interned at Media Matters, and worked as a field organizer for America Votes in 2004.

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