Let’s Have Bizarre Celebrations

Man, Of Montreal are so weird. I saw them live and the lead singer came out after intermission as a lady, and introduced himself as a lady and proceded to play the rest of the show in female character.


So I’ll hopefully be posting occasionally on this topic, and will have other posters who know much more about the topic give their more informed ideas. For now, suffice it to say that Ludachrist is the shit.

As Crazy As It Looks

As Crazy As It Looks

This is the Ludachrist Bangfest mp3. Check it out.

A More Optimistic Note

This might be my favorite song of the moment. (h/t BoingBoing)

NOLA R&B can’t be topped. Lee Dorsey worked with The Meters and Allen Toussaint in the mid 60s. The Meters were sort of the House Band in N’Awlins, the equivalent of Booker T at Stax or the Funk Brothers at Motown. As if their solo stuff wasn’t good enough.