Questions on Amy Ruiz

So it seems the questions about the improper hiring of Amy Ruiz constitute the most serious allegations Sam Adams is facing.

I don’t think this is something that Amy Ruiz needs to feel guilty about. It may have been her understanding that she was hired for her competence and it is even possible she is a very capable public servant. The question here is whether she was improperly hired, in spite of other better qualified candidates, because she was investigating Adams’ affair with Breedlove.

These interviews with Portland Mercury do much to set the record straight, but I don’t think answer that key question. Of course, the Mercury is engaged in a battle for their credibilty (which I think is unnecessary). The onus is on the mayor’s administration to demonstrate that Amy Ruiz wasn’t hired to stymie her ongoing investigation. At best, the mayor should apologize for what is an uncomfortably tone deaf understanding of how the hire would look in public.

Honestly, I think Amy Ruiz is as much a victim in this as Bob Ball. If the mayor asked you to take a gig as a policy planning analyst, and you thought you could be an asset to the city, wouldn’t you take the gig? The appearence of impropriety is the fault of the employer, not the employee.