Banking Crisis Link Dump

Or the things I would be posting about if I wasn’t busy with school:

What Obama Must Do: An Open Letter to the President by Paul Krugman – Rolling Stone’s musical coverage is about fifteen years past it’s prime, but their political writing is top notch. Krugman lays out his vision of the needed policy changes to avert a complete financial calamity.

One Idea for Bank Crisis: Quarentine the Bad Assets – It seems the spector of using the word nationalize is scaring off policy makers from the idea that makes the most sense. Sweden successfully implimented a similar policy in the early 90s and it was much more successful than Japan’s approach – which we are more closly mimicing.

Barney Frank on the Financial Crisis – Frank is the Chairman of the Finance Commitee in the House and could oversee the plan Krugman and the Post article advocate for. I find his explanation for why it isn’t happening somewhat unconvincing.